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Strategies for Effective Business Planning

If you are like most business owners, you have worked hard and made many sacrifices to grow your business. You should put just as much effort into protecting it as you did building it.

CourseMark, LLC recently joined as an affiliate of Alden Investment Group.

Wayne, PA – Located in Frisco, TX, a suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, CourseMark is the only 100% credit-union owned credit union service organization (CUSO) offering prefunded employee benefit investments and executive benefits. Previously with Cambridge Investments, CourseMark also offers financial planning, wealth management, charitable donation account investments and executive benefit solutions. When asked why they […]

Enhanced Portfolio Management: The Case for Credit Unions to Prefund Employee Benefits

As the gap widens between benefits expenses and portfolio returns for credit unions, it is time to reconsider funding those benefits from operating income.

Covid-19 Changed Life Insurance Forever – Why It Matters to Credit Unions

Yes, you can add life insurance to the list of products and services permanently changed by Covid-19. What you buy and how you buy it, will never be the same again. But perhaps not in the way you would think.